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Pet health care makes life together better.

Pets are awesome. We don’t have to tell you that. But what we should tell you is that pet health care plays an important role in keeping your relationship strong. Because the healthier your pet is, the happier they’ll be. At Bayer, we want you to have the right pet health products and education for your lifestyle, so you can focus on being awesome together.

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When you love your pet from tip to tail, you may have questions about their care. Check out our library of pet care basics.

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    Benefits of Having a Pet

    Pets provide unconditional love, but the benefits of pet ownership don’t end there. Having a pet gives us emotional, social and physical benefits, just to name a few.

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    How does weather affect the flea and tick population?

    The weather might not solve your flea and tick problems. See how weather changes affect the flea and tick population.

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Science For A Better Life

Treated With Love Grant Winners Announced

"I was at work and I remember shifting around in my seat, maybe bouncing a little, trying to control my excitement and limit my outward reaction to a workplace appropriate level even though I was bursting at the seams inside," Ashley Leavelle Fleener, a volunteer at Our Lil Bit of Heaven Animal Rescue and Sanctuary, said of the moment she found out her organization won an People's Choice Award. "I was posting thank-you' s and contacting my husband to share the good news."

Learn more about The Treated with Love program, a collaborative effort between Bayer Animal Health and