Brand Protection

For over 150 years, Bayer has been an innovation company rooted in providing science-based solutions for our customers. To date, we have developed scientific and medical breakthroughs that have resulted in the creation of some of America’s most loved brands.

To keep these brands amongst the most loved, Bayer has implemented fierce brand protection strategies. Brand protection measures are implemented by most successful companies to educate their customers on illicit trade, such as counterfeit products, foreign products unauthorized for sale in the U.S., and tampered or repackaged products, as well as to protect the integrity of their brands.

The internet is a great resource for consumers to conveniently obtain products and solutions for many of the health and well-being needs of themselves, their families and pets. Unfortunately, the internet also proliferates the sale of illicit goods and services by cultivating an anonymous and global marketplace for illegal trade, further perpetrating counterfeit products and fraudulent retailers.

Fighting to protect brands is a complex problem that no single company can resolve alone. Companies like Bayer are collaborating with government entities, law enforcement agencies, trade associations and others around the globe and cross-industry to help ensure that consumers receive only genuine goods. It’s a holistic approach, like this, focused on the health and well-being of people and pets that help get us closer to a solution. We all play an important part in the brand protection fight.

How can you protect yourself when purchasing Bayer Animal Health products in the U.S.? 

Use our Where to Buy  tool to purchase authentic Bayer products from veterinary clinics, e-commerce sites and pet retailers near you. If you are located in the U.S. and are purchasing Bayer pet products from sites other than those listed in the Where to Buy tool, please be aware that these sites purchase the products they sell from a source unknown to Bayer.

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