What we stand for

Six dogs sitting in the back of an SUV with text overlay saying: "What we stand for".

What we stand for

Pets enhance our lives in so many ways, and we make it a priority to return the favor through the programs and causes we actively support. Our partnerships focus on fostering the human-animal connection because we believe our lives are better when shared with a pet.

Lending a helping paw

A man hugging a black and white lab mix.
K9s for Warriors

Every service dog in training at K9s For Warriors —
a nonprofit that pairs specially trained shelter dogs with post 9/11 veterans suffering from
PTSD — gets a Seresto® collar.

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Through the 2022 Seresto® Circle of Love Grant Program, will give animal shelters and rescues $100,000 worth of Seresto® collars to help protect dogs and cats waiting to be adopted.

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Safety for women and pets

Seresto® supports domestic violence shelters across the country that house survivors, their families and the dogs and cats they love, so healing may begin.

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A collage of a Cocker Spaniel, 2 Newfoundland puppies, a Goldendoodle and a Black Mouth Cur.


Your dog is all dog when it comes to expressing their natural canine instincts. Tell us how your Seresto® dog lets out their inner wolf, and how they spread #SerestoLove.

Seresto®: Let dogs be dogs.

A close-up of a Seresto® flea and tick collar.
Seresto®: Let dogs be dogs.

We believe dogs are fulfilled when they are free to indulge in their own unique behaviors, over and over. That’s why we think it’s so important to help protect them from distractions like fleas and ticks. Here in the Seresto® community, we’re celebrating and helping to protect dogs being dogs … together.

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Follow us on social to see how Seresto® dogs continuously spread #SerestoLove.

Follow us on social to see how Seresto® dogs continuously spread #SerestoLove. 



Three Seresto® packages for Cat, Large Dog and Small Dog.
Save $5 on your next Seresto® collar.

Seresto® is a non-greasy, odorless collar that kills and repels fleas and ticks for 8 continuous months. Because every great routine deserves another.


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