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Advantage® II for Cats

Fleas move in with their friends and family, invading not just your cat, but your home as well.

Advantage® II flea treatment for cats kills fleas through contact, effectively breaking the flea life cycle – so you can help protect your cat from the fleas you see and the ones you don't.

Not for human use.


The Advantage® II advantage

Advantage® II for cats is a convenient, fragrance-free, monthly topical flea treatment for cats that kills fleas through contact so they don't have to bite your cat to die.

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  • Advantage® II for cats kills fleas through contact, so fleas do not have to bite your cat to die.

We can help you get rid of fleas.

Advantage<sup>®</sup> II for cats flea treatment to help get rid of fleas.

Advantage® II for cats

Start your comprehensive flea infestation plan with Advantage® II for cats. It kills fleas through contact, so they do not have to bite to die.

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Advantage<sup>®</sup> II Yard and Premise Spray to help get rid of fleas in your yard.

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Big Flea from the Advantage<sup>®</sup> II commercial waving.

Think your indoor cat isn't at risk for fleas? Think again.

  • Adult fleas can come into your home on people's clothing or other pets and you may not even know it. 

    So you might not realize that fleas may already be a problem on your cat. For one thing, due to cats' grooming behavior, it can be difficult to find adult fleas. By the time you recognize what is happening, your cat may have been bitten hundreds of times, and you more than likely will have a flea infestation problem.

    That's why Advantage® II flea control for cats works all month long to break the flea life cycle so you can help protect your cat and prevent an infestation.

See how Advantage® II helps kill fleas on cats through contact.

  • How to apply Advantage® II for cats


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Fleas feed within the first hour of contact on cats and can cause anemia or tapeworms in cats.

Grey tabby cat sitting innocently and tilting its head to the left.

The more you know about fleas, the better.

  • Learn about the ins and outs of fleas, flea infestation, how bites affect your cat, what can happen if left untreated and more.

    Flea life cycle & catsLearn More >

    Flea diseases in catsLearn More >

Did you know that Advantage® II is also available for dogs? SEE ADVANTAGE® II FOR DOGS

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