Orange tabby cat standing in grass with Seresto collar on.

Kill and repel fleas and ticks for 8 continuous months with Seresto® for Cats.

Hiding from fleas and ticks isn’t an option. Seresto® for Cats offers the performance you expect from a monthly flea and tick topical or pill, with the convenience of an easy-to-use 8-month collar. You read that right. One effective, odorless, non-greasy collar = 8 months of protection.


Seresto® benefits

The innovative Sustained Release Technology of Seresto® kills and repels fleas and ticks for 8 continuous months.

Seresto<sup>®</sup>> kills and repels fleas FLEAS

Product Label Application & Safety Information
Seresto for cats product packaging with with image of Seresto collar.

  • "I am delighted with the performance and will definitely be buying the Seresto® collar on a regular basis...year-round."
    — Joan, New York

Comparison chart of Seresto vs Frontline showing that Seresto for cats is the only product that kills and repels fleas and ticks for up to 8 months.

Seresto® A flea and tick treatment different from the rest

See why vets and owners love the Seresto® collar.

  • Why the Seresto® 8-month flea collar gets solid reviews


    See what cat owners and veterinarians alike are saying about Seresto®. 2:10

Graphic showing how Seresto for cats works through its release technology on an Orange Tabby.

Seresto® for Cats:
Truly unique
collar technology

  • Seresto® is the leading, innovative flea and tick collar for cats that applies two active ingredients over your cat’s hair and skin surface: imidacloprid and flumethrin. This steady release of treatment is effective for 8-month protection against fleas and ticks. That's one convenient, nongreasy, odorless flea and tick collar instead of 8 monthly oral or topical treatments. Fleas and ticks are killed through contact with the active ingredients –– no biting required.

Fleas and ticks don’t stand a chance.

  • How does Seresto® work?


    See how the Seresto® collar helps protect your cat from fleas and ticks for 8 months. 1:14

  • Seresto® flea efficacy


    Watch Seresto® kill fleas effectively in this video shot four days after application. 1:42

  • Seresto® tick efficacy


    Watch Seresto® effectively repel ticks four days after application. 1:43

An owner petting his Calico cat's head in the kitchen.

The more you know, the better. For both you and your cat.

  • Learn about the ins and outs of fleas and ticks, how bites can affect your cat, what can happen if left untreated, and more.

    Parasitic disease in your cat can mean more than just fleas. Learn how to deal with their larvae and eggs, too. Learn More >

    Flea diseases in cats: Itchy bites aren’t the only thing you have to worry about. Learn More >

    Tick diseases in cats: It only takes one bite. Learn More >

Customers' cats wearing Seresto collars in their homes.

Seresto® gives back

  • When you purchase Seresto®, you’re joining us in supporting the community. We are proud to be a partner with the following organizations:, through the Seresto® Circle of Love Grant Program, gives over $100,000 of Seresto® collars to animal shelters and rescues across the country.

    Paws Place Pet Shelter welcomes women and children seeking refuge from abusive situations. With help from Seresto®, when families find themselves at the Rose Brooks Center, their pets will always have a place to stay, too.

    K9s For Warriors is a nonprofit organization that trains shelter dogs to become therapy dogs and pairs them with America’s recovering 9/11 heroes. Service dogs help where medications often fail so warriors can return to civilian life with dignity and independence.


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