Seresto® flea and tick collar for cats

Seresto® collar provides flea and tick prevention for cats that helps protect for 8 continuous months. This secure flea and tick treatment is not only effective but also convenient in the following ways:

  • Kills and repels fleas and ticks through contact — no biting required
  • Odorless
  • Non-greasy
  • Designed with your cat in mind with a two-way release mechanism
Seresto for cats product packaging with with image of Seresto collar.

Seresto® FAQs

Do Seresto® collars for cats expire?

How do Seresto® collars for cats work?

What are the design features of the Seresto® collar for cats?

How do I apply the Seresto® collar and take it off my cat?

How long does Seresto® for cats take to work?

How to apply Seresto®


How to use the 8-month Seresto® cat collar

Learn about the proper fit for Seresto®, an 8-month flea and tick collar for cats, that's non-greasy, odorless and easy to use.


For a convenient, non-greasy collar that helps protect your cat from fleas and ticks for 8 continuous months, Seresto® is a perfect fit.

And to make sure Seresto® is the perfect fit for your cat, here are some tips:

Keep the collar in its original packaging until you’re ready to use it.

Remove the small plastic connectors inside the collar before using.
After you place the collar around your cat’s neck, the ratchet system and loop will secure it in place.

A proper fit means the collar can’t slide over your cat’s head and two fingers can fit between the collar and its neck.

Cut off any excess length of the collar that extends more than one inch past the loop—leave even more if you have a growing kitty.

Be sure to check the fitting every once in a while and adjust when necessary.

The three included, but optional, reflector clips help keep your cat visible at night. Place them, spaced apart, over the non-overlapping part of the collar.

Seresto®. For 8-month protection against fleas and ticks, it’s a perfect fit.


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Seresto® is protected by U.S. Patent No. 7,910,122.