Could your furry companions benefit from a pet supplement?

Could your furry companions benefit from a pet supplement?

Vitamins and supplements can offer health benefits to dogs and cats of all ages. Elanco offers a full line of supplements to help improve the overall well-being of your pet.
Owner feeding beagle supplement while holding white cat

Supplements can help:

Two bones joining to indicate a joint icon.
Promote Healthy Joints
Joint supplements contain the building blocks for healthy muscles, bones and cartilage.
Antioxidant icon.
Slow the Aging Process
Antioxidants help support the health and function of many organs and tissues.
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Keep Their Mind Sharp
Antioxidants or omega-3 fatty acids can support normal nerve and brain function.
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Support Good Digestive Health
Gastrointestinal supplements can support a healthy stomach and immune system.

Joint Supplements for Dogs

A bag of Synovi G3® soft chews
Synovi G3®
Synovi G3® is a dog joint chew that supports function, flexibility and healthy cartilage.

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A bag of Synovi G4® soft chews
Synovi G4®
Synovi G4® is a canine health supplement for hips and joints, flexibility and mobility.

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Healthy Dog Supplements

A bottle of Free Form™ capsules
Free Form™ Snip Tips
Free Form™ supports your dog's overall wellness in an easy-to-use capsule.

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A bottle of Free Form™ liquid
Free Form™ Liquid
Available in a liquid pump, Free Form™ oil supplements for dogs support overall health.

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A bag of Alenza® soft chews
Alenza® dog health supplements help maintain ongoing whole-body comfort and quality of life.

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A bag of DVM Daily Soft Chews®
DVM Daily Soft Chews® Vitamins
DVM Daily Soft Chews® is a supplement for dog health with minerals and antioxidants.

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Dog Digestive Health

A packaging of Endurosyn® oral gel
Endurosyn® for Dogs
Endurosyn® promotes intestinal well-being during sudden stress, like boarding or travel.

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A bag of Lactoquil® soft chews
Lactoquil® is a soft chew dog digestion supplement that helps daily digestive health.

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Healthy Cat Supplements

A bottle of Free Form™ liquid
Free Form™ Liquid
Free Form™ is an omega-3 fatty acid supplement for cats, available in a liquid pump, that supports overall health.

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A bottle of Free Form™ capsules
Free Form™ Snip Tips
Free Form™ for cats supports overall health in a capsule that can be taken whole or clipped for easier dosing.

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The packaging of Endurosyn® oral gel
Endurosyn® for Cats
Endurosyn® for cats is a probiotic oral gel that helps promote intestinal well-being during sudden, stress, like travel.

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“Supplemental” Information

An older dog being fed a supplement.
Where to start

Your cat's or dog’s supplement can have a positive impact on their health. Here’s how to find the right one.

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An orange cat eating from a bowl
Digestible changes

Cats and dogs need more than a good diet and the right amount of calories. Here’s how you can help. 

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A brown lab puppy being fed a probiotic.
Avoid an Upset Stomach

If your dog has tummy issues, a probiotic may help. Here’s why dogs need probiotics for better GI health.

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A happy older golden retriever.
For Dogs “of a Certain Age”

If your dog is too mature for a puppy supplement, it’s time to think about ways you can help them as they get older.

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An older beagle playing outside.
It’s Hip to Be Active

If your dog isn’t as “on the go” as they used to be, it could be discomfort in their hips. Know the signs and symptoms.

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NASC Seal of Quality

Quality seal of the National Animal Supplement Council

NASC Seal of Quality

The NASC is a highly regarded industry group that sets high standards for pet supplements, and only companies that meet their rigorous requirements and review process are able to display the Quality Seal. Look for the Quality Seal on all Elanco supplement products. 

Supplements May Improve the Well-Being of Your Dog or Cat