Heartworm prevention for dogs that forgives if you forget.

We’re only human. When life gets busy, it can be hard to remember to give heartworm disease prevention on the exact same day every month. Fortunately, there’s Advantage Multi® for Dogs (imidacloprid + moxidectin).*  Save up to $70 on Advantage Multi® purchases from your veterinarian. See your vet for complete details.


Controls parasites, inside and out

Advantage Multi® for Dogs helps protect your canine pal from more than just heartworm disease. The broad-spectrum protection also protects from fleas, and treats and controls intestinal parasites and sarcoptic mange.

Heartworms Heartworms
Microfilariae Microfilariae
Fleas Fleas
Hookworms Hookworms
Roundworms Roundworms
Whipworms Whipworms
Sarcoptic mange Sarcoptic mange

Product Label Application & Safety Information
Advantage multi for dog product packaging
  • What can Advantage Multi® heartworm prevention do for your dog?
Advantage Multi preventing heartworm in dogs

Life happens. Fortunately, there's Advantage Multi® for Dogs.

  • Heartworm disease preventives work by killing worms that are already growing and swimming around in your dog. Advantage Multi® for Dogs also prevents future infection by killing newly acquired baby worms all day, everyday throughout the month.

    That means after a single monthly dose, if you forget and go more than 30 days between heartworm prevention treatments, just treat immediately and resume your monthly schedule.

     Bayer Satisfaction Guarantee: Get guaranteed intestinal parasite and heartworm protection. To show our confidence in the protection of Advantage Multi®, we offer a satisfaction guarantee to cover all or a portion of the treatment costs.*

    *Available only through a licensed veterinarian. Guarantee void where prohibited by law. Payment obligation by Bayer Animal Health shall be limited solely to that which is represented in the full guarantee available from your veterinarian. Any and all other costs are expressly excluded.


    Available with a veterinarian's prescription.

    PRECAUTIONS: Prior to administration for Advantage Multi® for Dogs, dogs should be tested for existing heartworm infection. HUMAN WARNINGS: Children should not contact application site for two (2) hours.

    Scroll down for important safety information.

See for yourself just how easy it is to help keep your dog protected.

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  • Advantage Multi® Heartworm Educational Video


    Did you know that heartworms are worms that live in the heart? Watch to learn more about the cause, risks and consequences of heartworm disease. 3:31

  • How to apply Advantage Multi® for Dogs


    It's quick and simple. 1:24

  • Experience the many layers of Advantage Multi®


    Help keep your dog or cat protected with multi-layered heartworm, flea and intestinal worm protection. 4:00

Protect your dog with a
broad-spectrum solution.

  • With just one treatment, once a month, Advantage Multi® for Dogs not only provides heartworm disease prevention, but kills fleas through contact so they don't have to bite your dog to die.


    Advantage Multi® for Dogs works to:

    • Prevent heartworm disease
    • Treat circulating microfilariae in heartworm-positive dogs
    • Kill adult fleas and treat flea infestations
    • Treat and control common intestinal parasitesroundworms, hookworms and whipworms
    • Treat and control sarcoptic mange

    Advantage Multi for dogs treats fleas, intestinal parasites, mange and prevents against heartworms.


    PRECAUTIONS: Use with caution in sick, debiltated, or underweight dogs. The safety of Advantage Multi® for Dogs has not been established in breeding, pregnant, or lactating dogs.

It only takes one bite from an infected mosquito to cause heartworm disease in dogs.

Advantage Multi fighting fleas and heartworm in dogs

The more you know, the better. For both you and your dog.

  • Learn how heartworms, fleas and intestinal parasites can adversely affect the health of your dog.

    Did you know? Heartworms live in a dog's heart.Learn More >

    Fleas aren't just annoying — they can cause health issues.Learn More >

    Your dog can be at risk to intestinal worms. Learn More >

    When and where are fleas a concern?Learn More >

Did you know that Advantage Multi® is also available for cats? SEE ADVANTAGE MULTI® FOR CATS

1 Douglas JR, Baker, NF. (1966). Some host-parasite relationships of canine helminthes. In: Host-Parasite Proceedings of the Twenty-Sixth Annual Biology Colloquium. April 23-24; 97-115.

 2 Safeguarding Animals From Summer Heat and Pests: World Animal Foundation website. Available at Accessed October 25, 2016.

CAUTION: Federal (U.S.A.) law restricts Advantage Multi® for Dogs to use by or on the order of a licensed veterinarian. WARNING: DO NOT ADMINISTER THIS PRODUCT ORALLY. For the first 30 minutes after application ensure that dogs cannot lick the product for the application sites on themselves or other treated animals. Children should not come in contact with the application sites for two (2) hours after application. (See Contraindications, Warnings, Human Warnings, and Adverse Reactions, for more information.) CONTRAINDICATIONS: Do not use this product on cats.

CAUTION: Federal (U.S.A.) law restricts Advantage Multi® for Cats to use by or on the order of a licensed veterinarian.