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Be Your Dog's Hero with advantus® flea chewables.

With advantus® chewable flea treatment for dogs, you’re empowered to fight fleas — fast. One tasty soft chew starts killing adult fleas within the hour and is safe to give each day if you see fleas on your dog again. It’s even available over the counter without a prescription, so you can be your dog’s hero.


Kill Fleas Fast.

When you see fleas on your dog, give advantus® soft chew. One tasty flea chewable starts killing fleas in the first hour. And you don’t need a prescription, so you can treat your dog for fleas fast.

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Product Label Application & Safety Information
Bayer's advantus<sup>®</sup> chewable flea treatment for dogs
  • advantus® non-prescription chewable flea treatment for dogs starts killing fleas within one hour.
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Safety First.

  • advantus® is the first FDA-approved soft flea chewable for dogs. Because it’s available without a prescription, it’s designed with your dog and your lifestyle in mind. You can treat immediately when you see fleas on your dog. advantus® soft chew was designed with flexibility in mind so you can safely use one chew per day because the active ingredient quickly dissipates in your dog's system.

    If your dog has food allergies to ingredients like chicken or beef, advantus® is a suitable option because it does not contain any animal protein. With advantus®, you can rest easy knowing your dog's flea treatment is safe — and starts working fast.

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  • A Brand You Can Depend On.

    Bayer has been dedicated to the health of your family and pets for decades. We developed Advantage® II, a go-to topical solution to fight fleas on your pet. Now, from Bayer and Advantage® II, comes advantus® — a soft chewable flea treatment you can depend on to empower you to fight fleas on your dog fast.

Respond With a Fast-acting Flea Killer.

  • How It Works


    See how advantus® acts fast in the fight against fleas. 1:21

  • Fight Fleas Fast


    Fight back when a flea-mergency hits. 0:15

Fleas on dogs can live for several months and feed on your dog for up to 3 hours straight.

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Know More. Do More.

  • Get educated on what it takes to fight fleas and why it's important to your pet's health and lifelong happiness.

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