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Do not use on cats.


K9 Advantix® II

K9 Advantix® II kills fleas, ticks and mosquitoes through contact. No biting required. These parasites can be more than just a nuisance. They can also cause potentially serious health risks:

  • Ticks can transmit diseases, such as Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, when they bite your dog.
  • Flea bites can cause flea allergy dermatitis (FAD), an allergic reaction that can lead to constant scratching, severe itching and hair loss. If swallowed, an infected flea can also transmit tapeworms, one of the most common parasites.
  • Mosquitoes can transmit deadly diseases.

K9 Advantix® II also repels biting flies and kills lice.

K9 Advantix® II for dogs weighing 4-10 pounds packaging
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Do not use on cats.


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K9 Advantix® II FAQs

I have never had a flea problem before. Where are my pets picking up fleas?

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How often can I allow my dog to swim when using K9 Advantix® II?

When can I bathe my dog after application of K9 Advantix® II?

How long after bathing my dog do I need to wait to apply K9 Advantix® II?

When using K9 Advantix® II, what type of shampoo should I use?

How often can I bathe my dog when using K9 Advantix® II?

Do fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes have to bite my dog in order for K9 Advantix® II to work?

Does K9 Advantix® II cover more than fleas and ticks?

What is the difference between K9 Advantix® II and oral flea and tick products?

Can I apply K9 Advantix® II more than once a month?

How old does my dog need to be for me to use K9 Advantix® II?

Why am I seeing fleas after applying K9 Advantix® II to my dog?

How long does it take for K9 Advantix® II to kill ticks?

How long does it take for K9 Advantix® II to kill fleas?

How to Apply K9 Advantix® II


How to Apply K9 Advantix® II

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The bond between you and your dog is incredibly loving and loyal. He wants to protect you and you feel the same. That’s why Bayer Animal Health recommends the use of flea or tick prevention products year-round.

Before applying a Bayer topical product, check the weight range and minimum age on the package to select the appropriate product for your dog.

Monthly application is easy. Remove the tube. Hold the tube in an upright position and away from your face. Open the tube by pulling off the cap, turning it around, and placing the other end of the cap on the tube. Twist the cap to break the seal, and remove the cap from the tube.

For easy application, your dog should be standing. Next, starting at your dog’s shoulder blades, part the hair until skin is visible. Place the tip of the tube on the skin, and gently squeeze to expel a portion of the solution on the skin.

The number of application spots depends on the size and weight of your dog.

Weight bands are indicated in your complete instructions on the package insert. Be sure to empty the entire tube by the end of the application. Do not apply an excessive amount of solution to any one spot that could cause some of the solution to run off the side of your dog.

Lift the tube away from the skin, while maintaining pressure on the tube to make sure the product has all been squeezed out.

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Mosquitoes can spread diseases.

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