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My dog swims a lot. Is there anything I need to be concerned about?

When dogs swim or are present in very humid environments, water can become trapped in their ears. This is most common in dogs with bigger, floppier ears. The increased moisture can alter the normal environment of the ear canal, creating favorable conditions for bacteria and yeast growth. Ear cleaners with drying agents are effective at removing moisture to help keep the ear canal healthy.

Why should you clean your dog's or cat's ears?

Your veterinarian may suggest at-home dog or cat ear cleaning to:

  • Help keep the skin lining your pet’s ear canal clean and healthy
  • Get rid of dirt, wax, and debris in your pet’s ears
  • Help prevent the buildup of bacteria or yeast
  • Clean your pet’s ear canal to allow prescribed medications to easily reach already-infected areas
When should I contact my veterinarian?

You should contact your veterinarian if your pet:

  • Experiences pain in the ears or becomes upset when the ears are handled
  • Has a strong odor emanating from the ears
  • Shakes or scratches at the ears with greater intensity or frequency
  • Develops a swelling on any part of the ear