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Can I split the quellin® chews?

The drug is evenly distributed in the soft chew matrix and they are scored, which facilitates splitting whole chews to give the dose prescribed by your veterinarian.

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Can I use quellin® with other medications?

quellin® should not be used with certain other medications. Talk to your veterinarian about all the medicines that you are giving or plan to give to your dog, including non-prescription drugs.

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Is the dosing the same as with other carprofen products?

Yes, quellin® (carprofen) soft chews and Rimadyl® both contain the same active ingredient in the same amounts for a given strength. In other words, a 75 mg quellin® chew may be substituted for any FDA-approved, 75 mg carprofen tablet.

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Rimadyl is a registered trademark of Zoetis Services LLC or a related company or a licensor.

How quickly should I see results with my dog?

In most dogs, improvement can be seen in a matter of days.

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My dog has a food allergy. What is the protein source used in quellin®?

The quellin® soft chew is a proprietary formulation that contains no animal protein. Note that the formula does contain soy and should not be given to dogs known or suspected to have an allergy to soy or soy protein.

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