Advantage Fleaction Plan for flea infestation

Have a flea-mergency?

If your pet has fleas, that means you have fleas. The Advantage® Fleaction Plan can help with a flea infestation. Fight fleas from fur to fence by treating your pet, home and yard.

Flea infestation on dog and cat

Treatment to tackle fleas

  • The first step toward a flea solution is to treat your pet. The Advantage® Fleaction Plan recommends treating dogs with fast-acting oral advantus® to start killing fleas within the hour, or using Advantage® Treatment Shampoo or Advantage® Treatment Spray on your cats and dogs to help get rid of fleas.

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Treat your pet.

  • advantus®
    for dogs

    advantus® for dogs

    An over-the-counter flea chew that starts killing fleas on your dog within one hour. Safe for daily use.

  • Advantage® Treatment Shampoo

    Advantage® Treatment Shampoo

    A treatment shampoo that kills
    fleas and ticks on your cat or dog on contact.

  • Advantage® Treatment Spray

    Advantage® Treatment Spray

    An on-pet treatment spray that kills and repels fleas, ticks and lice on your cat or dog.

Flea infestation in house

Reclaim your domain.

  • Fleas on your pet means you probably have a flea infestation. Kill fleas in hard-to-reach places with Advantage® Household Spot & Crevice Spray and use Advantage® Household Fogger to kill adult fleas and eggs for seven months.

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Treat your home.

  • Advantage® Household Spot & Crevice Spray

    Advantage® Household Spot & Crevice Spray

    Kills fleas, dust mites, bed bugs and brown dog ticks in hard-to-reach places in your home. Not for use on pets. Use as directed.

  • Advantage® Carpet & Upholstery Spot Spray

    Advantage® Carpet & Upholstery Spot Spray

    Helps control an infestation in your home by killing fleas, brown dog ticks, dust mites and bed bugs. Not for use on pets. Use as directed.

  • Advantage® Household Fogger

    Advantage® Household Fogger

    Kills adult fleas and flea eggs for 7 months. Not for use on pets. Use as directed.

Flea infestation in yard

Prevail over your perimeter.

  • Every yard is vulnerable to fleas, which means your pet and home are, too. The Fleaction Plan offers Advantage® Yard & Premise Spray, which kills the fleas in your yard that can cause flea diseases such as flea allergy dermatitis and tapeworms.

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Treat your yard.

  • Advantage® Yard & Premise Spray

    Advantage® Yard & Premise Spray

    Kills insects, fleas and ticks around the perimeter of your home. Not for use on pets. Use as directed.

Advantage II flea prevention for cats and dogs

Fight future misery.

  • Advantage® II is a monthly topical application that kills fleas on your cat or dog through contact, so fleas don't have to bite your pet to die. You can help prevent the misery of flea infestations with Advantage® II flea treatment.

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Flea bath for flea infestation in pets

A well-rounded education for full-on infestation.

  • The more you know about fighting fleas, the less miserable you and your pet will be.

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