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The World Is Your Dog Park: Outdoor Activities to Do with Your Dog

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Indulge your wanderlust with your dog at your side.
Two dogs sitting in a park surrounded by trees and mountains.

It can be hard to balance your appetite for adventure with the responsibilities that come with having a dog. But including your dog in outdoor activities is one of the easiest ways to indulge your wanderlust and keep your pup happy, too.

Whether you hike, camp or explore a new landscape, adventuring with your dog can add a new layer to the experience. And with a little preparation, it can enrich both your favorite hobby and your relationship with your trustiest sidekick.

Discover how your dog can give you a whole new appreciation for adventuring with these three outdoor dog activities.

3 Outdoor Activities to Do with Your Dog

1. Walk new trails, have new experiences.

You’re no stranger to uncharted territory — and your dog was built for it. Unfamiliar sights, sounds and smells are just more fun when we experience them together. Plus, with your adventure partner by your side, every fellow hiker (and their furry companions) will want to stop and say hi, so be ready to make some new friends.

Before you set off on your adventure, be sure to take along enough food and water for both of you, and keep a leash handy for safety.

Dogs are fiercely enthusiastic about exploring and trying new things, but more importantly, they’re enthusiastic about doing so with you.

2. Get extra cozy by the campfire.

There’s nothing quite like camping — lounging beneath the stars, bonding over a crackling fire and sleeping under a canopy of trees. And for your dog, it’s like a dog park sleepover.

Just be sure to read up on campground rules. Even if it’s not required, keeping your dog on a leash while at camp is a good safety practice and courteous to other campers. And remember that dog food, just like human food, can attract wildlife, so be sure to store it securely.

Lastly, get the most out of your night outdoors with all the right supplies:

Dogs sitting around a campfire.

3. Find big adventure close to home.

Planning trips to faraway places is exciting, but sometimes great adventures are waiting right outside your door. Whether it’s a few steps into the backyard or a short trip to the dog park, remember that less distance doesn’t necessarily mean less excitement.

Plus, every neighborhood is chock full of outdoor activities to do with your dog. Look for your next adventure at:

  • Your local farmer’s market
  • A dog-friendly bar or brewery
  • A local meetup group for dog lovers
  • Any public recreation space (best for well-socialized dogs)

When you go together, you grow together.

Your dog is your companion. Their endless curiosity and passion is part of the reason you get along so well. They’re fiercely enthusiastic about exploring and trying new things, but more importantly, they’re enthusiastic about doing so with you.

So, what are you waiting for? Pack up, head out and explore the world’s biggest dog park. After all, it’s right outside your door.

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