3 Keys to Disaster Preparedness for You and Your Pets

Photo of dog. Disaster Preparedness for You and Your Pets.
Published: 10/09/17

The devastation from natural disasters like hurricanes Harvey and Irma may have a lasting impact on many lives, even dogs and cats. While these types of disasters can’t be prevented, we can prepare. Here are a few actions and resources that will help you get a preparedness plan in place for all your family members – those with two legs and four.

Know Your Options

Pet blogger Carma Poodale shares hints about finding pet-friendly shelters and hotels during emergency situations. She also offers helpful preparedness checklists. As a retired animal shelter employee and longtime pet owner, Carma Poodale’s tips provide an insider perspective based squarely in reality.

Make a Plan

While Mother Nature isn’t predictable, various agencies offer tips so you and your pets can be as prepared as possible when disaster strikes.

  • This Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) website provides pet-specific advice, including how to build an Emergency Preparedness Pet Kit.
  • The "Pet Disaster Preparedness" section of the American Red Cross website lists information on how to prepare pets for an emergency evacuation and how to help them recover afterward.

Get Help for Your Pet

Even with the best laid plans, the unexpected can happen during a disaster. Pets may be stranded or lost., which Bayer Animal Health is proud to support, has worked with various animal welfare organizations to create two websites that you should bookmark in case of emergency,

    • quickly responded to hurricanes Harvey and Irma to help displaced families find a temporary home for their pets. They plan to make that assistance permanent with and the related hotline 833-RESCUE-8. Both of these resources help make pet-rescue efforts even more effective by providing a simple way for disaster survivors whose pets are in danger to alert all animal welfare organizations conducting rescue operations in their area. "There has been no clear single place where people can alert rescue organizations to pets in need of their assistance. and 1-833-RESCUE-8 give people who are desperate to have someone rescue their animals a simple way to make that request," says cofounder and CEO, David Meyer. "Although we cannot guarantee that an agency will be available to help, we will immediately pass the information on to all agencies operating in the affected area."
      While there are numerous websites and resources to find lost dogs and cats, there hasn’t been a central location that brings them all together for distressed pet owners. provides a single site so people who’ve lost a pet can quickly find and tap into all available resources.

Bayer Responds to Hurricanes Harvey and Irma

In the aftermath of hurricanes Harvey and Irma, numerous companies generously pitched in to support relief; Bayer was among those providing assistance. In addition to a $100,000 donation to the American Red Cross, Bayer made a $100,000 donation to Direct Relief, which provides much needed supplies, medicines and other critical items to areas impacted by disasters like the hurricanes. The Bayer Animal Health business donated over $25,000 worth of products (antibiotics, pain relief, shampoos, heartworm disease prevention, flea prevention, de-wormers, etc.) and is working with Animal Search and Rescue and other Texas animal relief organizations to get products to the veterinarians who are on the ground to care for displaced animals, both pets and livestock.

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