Parasite Alert: Experts List Top 10 Heartworm Disease Hotspots for June 2019

Heartworm incidence map of the CPAC 2019 top 10 cities for heartworm disease.
Published: 08/01/19

Did you know that the risk of your pet contracting heartworm disease can vary depending on the time of year and where you live? The Companion Animal Parasite Council, an independent group of scientists, parasitologists, and veterinarians monitoring disease rates in pets, released its Top 10 Cities for Heartworm Report in June of 2019.

Heartworm Incidence Map

The ten cities with the highest percentage increase in positive heartworm tests were:

1. Alexandria, VA
2. Corona, CA
3. Newport News, VA
4. Hampton, VA
5. Paterson, NJ
6. San Bernardino, CA
7. Fargo, ND
8. Springfield, MA
9. Laredo, TX
10. Topeka, KS

While there previously has been concentration around the Gulf Coastal region and southeastern states, the June 2019 list indicates that the spread of heartworm disease has made its way out west and into the central and northeastern parts of the United States as well. Paterson and San Bernardino have been on past Top 10 lists, while new areas around the nation’s capital and the central plains region have also experienced an increase in heartworm disease over the last several months.

Regardless of where you live, there are steps you can take to prevent heartworm disease from putting a damper on you and your pet’s summertime fun:

  • Prevention is key
    Pets can contract heartworm disease from infected mosquitoes, and treating the disease itself can take months—and be costly. Monthly prevention, no matter the season, is critical to ensuring your dog won’t have to endure the lengthy treatment process. And for cats, there is no approved treatment for heartworm disease, however, so prevention is absolutely critical.
  • Know the signs
    Heartworm disease can affect dogs and cats in different ways, resulting in sudden or chronic illnesses and in some cases even death. Familiarize yourself with the symptoms to help ensure your pet stays healthy all year round.
  • Stay informed
    Be aware of mosquito alerts in your area, and make sure your pet is up-to-date on their regular mosquito protection. Talk to your vet about options for preventing heartworm disease today and in the future, no matter where it may spread next.

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