Pet Health Alert: Expert Group Forecasts Higher Levels of Heartworm Disease in 2017

Forecasted Heartworm Prevalence Map
Published: 06/23/17

The Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC) – an independent council of veterinarians, veterinary parasitologists and other animal health care professionals – forecasts that a higher number of dogs and cats will become infected with heartworm disease in 2017. Why? Because mosquitoes, which transmit heartworms to pets, are thriving due to higher average temperatures and increased rainfall across the United States.

The group expects above-average heartworm disease throughout the country, with key areas of concern including:

  • The Lower Mississippi Valley
  • States west of the Rocky Mountains
  • New England
  • The Ohio River Valley
  • The Upper Midwest
  • Atlantic Coast states
  • Western Texas

Get complete information about the CAPC heartworm disease forecast.

What should concerned pet owners do?
CAPC recommends all dogs and cats be on a year-round broad-spectrum parasite control product that prevents heartworm disease and kills fleas, ticks and intestinal parasites. The group also recommends that all dogs be tested annually for both heartworm antigens and microfilariae, even if they are on year-round preventives. Cats should be tested for the presence of heartworm antigen and antibody before starting them on preventive.

Here on, you can learn more about heartworm disease, the dangers it poses for pets, and the Bayer products that can help you prevent heartworm disease in your dog or cat.

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