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K9s For Warriors on After the Show Show
Published: 10/17/18

K9s For Warriors is a non-profit organization that matches trained service dogs with post 9/11 veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), traumatic brain injury, and/or military sexual trauma from their time in the service. Bayer is proud to partner with such a life-changing organization.

K9s For Warriors was recently featured on the Fox News program and the "After the Show Show." In the clip, Adam LeGrand from K9s For Warriors talks about the difference that his service dog, Molly, has made in his life, describing her positive impact as improving his situation "faster than any drug I've ever taken."

LeGrand says that the program wouldn't exist without companies like Bayer because the service dogs are provided to veterans at no cost, even though it costs thousands of dollars to train the animals. Bayer also provides Seresto® flea and tick prevention collars for the dogs in training at the K9s For Warriors facility. "These partnerships really help," LeGrand explains.

Ray Kerins, Senior Vice President and Head of Communications, Government Relations & Policy for Bayer Corporation, called Adam and Molly "living examples of what companies and organizations like K9s For Warriors can do together to help save our veterans who have served our country with dignity and honor."

K9s For Warriors doesn't just help veterans. It also rescues dogs from shelters and trains them as service dogs through the program. Visit to learn more about the great work of K9s For Warriors.

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