Seresto® Circle of Love Grant Recipients Announced

Small dog and the Seresto Circle of Love grant program
Published: 11/06/19

For Bayer Animal Health and, healthy pets are first priority — especially when those animals are in need of homes. That's why, through the Seresto® Circle of Love grant program, will award a total of $100,000 of Seresto® collars to animal shelters and rescues in the United States. Read on to learn about the inspiring organizations going above and beyond to care for vulnerable animals who need homes — and a second chance.

Celebrating the Winners

All of the first- and second-round winners of the 2019 Seresto® Circle of Love grant are stellar examples of shelters that are changing homeless animals' lives throughout the nation. The recipients are:

  • Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control
  • Connect A Pet New England
  • Kirby Animal Services
  • Arizona Animal Welfare League
  • Humane Society of Marion County
  • Feral Feline Friends of East TN
  • Carolina Poodle Rescue
  • White County Animal Shelter
  • Bridge to Home Animal Rescue
  • Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch (JARR)
  • The Cat Network, Inc.
  • AMA Animal Rescue
  • Pickle Pants Rescue
  • Animal Ark Rescue
  • Second Chance Animal Shelter

Helping Pet Owners with Financial Strains

The Seresto® Circle of Love program assists shelters to overcome the challenge of helping pet owners on a budget — which often means only being able to protect a pet from fleas and ticks for 30 days. "We frequently serve lower-income citizens who do not have a lot of financial resources," said Holly Eggelston, social media and marketing manager of Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control, which takes in more than 10,000 homeless pets a year. "Purchasing flea and tick prevention for their animals is often not an option. Due to budgetary restrictions, it's generally 30 days of protection and the adopter is then on their own for continuing preventative treatment. Being able to offer adopters eight months of protection would be a game-changer."

Addressing Long-Term Medical Needs

The Seresto® grant also relaxes the strain of rescuing the pets that need more time before they can be adopted due to medical needs. "Seresto® collars would be great for our long timers, and also to make sure all the dogs adopted from our shelter have a great start with flea and tick prevention," said manager Stephanie Smith of White County Animal Shelter, which has dropped the euthanasia rate in Sparta, Tennessee, to almost 0, down from 99.9% in the past six years. The shelter's grant will allow them to focus their limited funds on other medical needs, meaning they can help more dogs.

Providing Immediate Medical Care

Miracle Fields, the assistant manager of Pickle Pants Rescue — dedicated to saving the lives of abused and neglected animals at all hours of the day — said that Seresto® products will assist them in giving immediate attention to rescues when veterinarians are closed. The grant, "saves us from having to wait for the desperately needed flea and tick collars that half of the animals we take in need, especially if they are too afraid or traumatized to get in a body of water for a bath."

The Future of Rescue Care

The importance of long-term flea and tick prevention, and the need to provide affordable access, is a constant battle for shelters — and that's why the Seresto® Circle of Love is such a game-changer. "We LOVE Seresto® collars and have them at all three of our veterinary hospitals that provide subsidized rates for pets owners in need," said Sheryl Blancato, CEO of Second Chance Animal Shelter, the only animal welfare organization in Massachusetts that offers a full-service vet hospital. "To be able to have them for our adoption center for our adoptable pets would be wonderful. We always strive to provide the highest quality of care for our shelter pets, and having Seresto® collars would be a great addition to the care that we provide."

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