DVM® Feline Joint Gel Joint Health

DVM® Feline Joint Gel Joint Health
Supporting joint health is vital as cats age. DVM® Feline Joint Gel Joint Health is a palatable poultry-tuna flavored oral gel that supports healthy joint function and flexibility in cats of all ages.
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Easy to administer poultry and tuna flavor gel
Why choose DVM® Feline Joint Gel Joint Health for your cat?
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Glucosamine and Perna canaliculus may help to support healthy cartilage and connective tissue
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Omega-3 fatty acids support healthy joints
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Antioxidants, including MSM, support cellular health and scavenge free radicals
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Palatable oral gel is easy to administer on food, from a finger or on a cat's fur or paw for consumption during grooming
Help support your cat’s joint health and flexibility.

Supports: Joint function, flexibility and joint cartilage 

Works for: Cats of all ages

Form: Palatable, easy-to-administer oral gel

Dosing frequency: Daily; can be given by mouth during or after mealtime

No prescription required

National Animal Supplement Council Quality Seal
DVM® Feline Joint Gel Joint Health carries the National Supplement Council (NASC) Quality Seal.

The NASC is a highly regarded industry group that sets high standards for pet supplements, and only companies that meet their rigorous requirements and review process are able to display the Quality Seal. Look for the Quality Seal on all Bayer  supplement products.

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DVM® Feline Joint Gel Joint Health is easy to dose.

DVM® Feline Joint Gel Joint Health can be given by mouth during or after mealtime. Give ½ teaspoon, or 1½ inches, of gel per 10 pounds of your cat’s body weight daily.

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How can you help support your cat’s joint health?

As cats age, the amount and types of nutrients they need for their health can change. Supplements can help support your cat’s health.



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