Synovi G3® Joint Health

Synovi G3® Joint Health

Help support your dog’s joint function, flexibility and healthy cartilage with Synovi G3®. Available in a palatable, easy-to-administer soft chew, Synovi G3® is a tried-and-true formulation.
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Delicious and easy to give

Why choose Synovi G3® Joint Health for your dog?

An icon of two bones connected with a water drop above them indicating joint health.
Joint support from glucosamine HCL, green-lipped mussel and omega-3 fatty acids
Muscle tone and contraction support
An icon symbolizing antioxidants.
Antioxidant support from MSM, vitamin C, vitamin E and citrus bioflavonoids

How does it work?

Supports: Joint health, mobility, muscle tone and contraction

Works for: Dogs

Form: Soft chew

Dosing frequency: Daily or every other day based on weight

No prescription required

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Dosing is easy with Synovi G3®.
  • Dogs 5-15 pounds: ½ chew every other day
  • Dogs 16-30 pounds: ½ chew daily
  • Dogs 31-60 pounds: 1 chew daily
  • Dogs 61-100 pounds: 2 chews daily
  • Dogs over 100 pounds: 2½ chews daily 
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Save on dermatology and supplement purchases from your veterinarian.

See your vet for complete details on current offers.



National Animal Supplement Council Quality Seal
Synovi G3® carries the National Supplement Council (NASC) Quality Seal.

The NASC is a highly regarded industry group that sets high standards for pet supplements, and only companies that meet their rigorous requirements and review process are able to display the Quality Seal. Look for the Quality Seal on all Elanco supplement products.