Advantage® Yard & Premise Spray

Kills insects, fleas and ticks on contact around the perimeter of your home, and on your deck and patio. Fleas may live in your yard in shady areas, under trees and bushes, along fence lines, and other areas they may be deposited by wildlife such as possums and stray animals. Help to prevent flea infestations in your home by treating the areas outside your home where fleas may live.

This product:

  • Kills ticks and deer ticks, that may carry Lyme disease, on contact.
  • 32 oz. bottle that connects directly to your hose and treats up to 16,000 sq. ft. around the perimeter of your home, deck and patio
  • Dogs, cats, their kennel or bedding area should also be treated with a registered flea and tick control product in conjunction with this application.

Not for use on humans or animals.


Advantage<sup>®</sup> II Yard & Premise Spray

Advantage® Yard & Premise Spray FAQs

Where can I use Advantage Yard & Premise Spray?

How do I treat my yard for fleas with Advantage Yard & Premise Spray?