Bayer supplements for cats and dogs

Did your furry friends take their supplements today?

Just like us, our dogs and cats can benefit from taking supplements, too. Bayer has developed a wide line of supplements for pets young or old, active or just content watching squirrels from the window. Everything from joint and GI health to whole body comfort, we have supplements that can make a difference in your pet’s health.


Living up to high standards.

  • National Animal Supplement Council quality sealBayer is proud to display the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) Quality Seal on all of our supplements. The NASC monitors animal health supplements through periodic reviews, inspections and testing.

    As a pet owner, you can feel confident that every supplement batch is made following procedures to verify that it meets quality control specifications and is labeled with accuracy and consistency. The Quality Seal lets you know that Bayer complies with the standards set forth by the NASC.

Give your pets something they deserve.

  • Discover the variety of product options we offer to supplement your pet’s health and help them lead a happy, healthy life.

    Save $10 on supplement purchases from your veterinarian. See your vet for complete details.

  • Synovi G3® Soft Chews

    Synovi G3 Soft Chews

    A daily soft chew for dogs to support joint function, flexibility, and healthy cartilage.

  • Synovi G4® Soft Chews

    Synovi G4 Soft Chews

    A daily soft chew for dogs that promotes healthy mobility, joint health and antioxidant support.

  • Alenza® Soft Chews

    Alenza Soft Chews

    An easy-to-give soft chew for active and aging dogs to help them maintain ongoing whole body comfort.

  • Free Form Snip Tips for Dogs

    Free FormTM Snip Tips

    A liquid filled capsule with omega-3 fatty acids for joint, cognitive, kidney and cardiovascular health.

  • Lactoquil®
    Soft Chews

    Lactoquil Soft Chews for dogs

    A daily probiotic soft chew for dogs to be used for ongoing digestive health support.

  • Endurosyn® Canine Oral Gel

    Endurosyn Canine Oral Gel

    A three-day probiotic oral gel to promote intestinal well-being during sudden times of stress in dogs.

  • Endurosyn® Feline Oral Gel

    Endurosyn Feline Oral Gel

    A three-day probiotic oral gel to promote intestinal well-being during sudden times of stress in cats.

  • DVM® Feline Joint Gel

    DVM Feline Joint Gel

    An easy-to-administer and palatable oral joint support formula for aging and active cats.

  • DVM Daily Soft Chews®

    DVM Daily Soft Chews

    A daily multivitamin containing minerals and antioxidants to supplement your dog’s daily nutritional needs.

See how our supplements can help maintain your pets’ overall health.

  • Alenza® Soft Chews for whole body comfort.


    See why pet parents should choose Alenza® Soft Chews to give their dogs ongoing whole body comfort. 1:33

  • Synovi G4® Soft Chews for joint health and well-being.


    Learn how Bayer's formula of Glucosamine, Boswellia and Turmeric can help dogs maintain overall joint health and support healthy activity. 1:32

  • Free Form Snip Tips and Liquid for supporting normal body functions and organ systems.


    Not all omega-3 fatty acid supplements are the same. Learn how Bayer’s highly concentrated formula of omega-3 fatty acids supports brain function, and joint, kidney and cardiovascular health. 1:04

  • Lactoquil® Daily Probiotic Soft Chews


    See why pet owners should choose Lactoquil® for dogs to help support digestive balance and immune health. 1:47

For animal use only. Keep out of reach of children.